Natural Treatment For Low Eye Vision Problem In People

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I-Lite capsule is the best natural treatment for low eye vision problem in men and women. It helps to improve eyesight in a safe and healthy manner.

The problem of low eye vision shows the incapability to do tasks due to poor eye power and the problem can make it difficult for a person to write, shop, drive, watch TV, read numbers or alphabets written at certain distance in daylight or in night. Eye problems can cause blurred vision, and in certain cases, swelling, inflammation and infections in the eyes. Aging is normally the major cause for deterioration of vision, while other reasons for poor vision can be glaucoma, cataract, contrast sensitivity, peripheral vision problems, macular degeneration, etc. People suffering from certain chronic medical conditions, may suffer from poor nerve function connecting to the eyes and this can affect the normal reaction or response level of the eyes. Natural treatment for low eye vision contains certain rare phyto chemicals to prevent low vision to enhance vision.

The herbs in the natural treatment for low eye vision contain minerals and vitamins to empower body with nutrients and prevent deficiency. Phyllanthus emblica, Terminalia belerica, Terminalia chebula, Asparagus racemosus are some herbs which are found in the I-Lite capsules that are globally used for eye care.

The medicinal fruit of Phyllanthus emblica is used in Indian subcontinent for preparing foods as the taste of fruit is sour, sweet and refreshing. The medicinal fruits of the tree are normally added in ayurvedic cures used for diabetes. B-glucogallin, the component found in the fruits works as aldose reductase inhibitor along with IC50 and is normally added to cures to inhibit sorbitol accumulation. The phyto chemicals are empowered to provide natural treatment for low eye vision and it contains bio-chemicals to control blood glucose from causing diabetic retinopathy.

The LPS related inflammation in laboratory rats can be successfully inhibited by taking the medicinal berries of the tree Phyllanthus emblica, and the potency is equivalent to the medicine sorbinil. The complete plant extract helps to reduce cataract formation in diabetic rats and this also helps in reducing the formation of sorbitol in eyes, irrespective of the blood glucose levels or insulin levels in body. The studies on the herb confirmed that the tannoids from the berries of the plant can inhibit aldose reductase and it can also reduce the progression of diabetes co-morbidities without interfering with the levels of blood glucose and insulin. This extract is effectively used in eye care products because it can control infections and it can protect eyes from cataract and diabetic retinopathy, which makes it effective to be used by diabetes patients suffering from eye disorders.

The powder of the berries was tested on laboratory rats for anti-oxidative effects and it was observed that the berries when taken as 5 to 10 percent of powder of fruit reduced oxidative damage. The extract also reduces liver cholesterol and level of triglycerides when 10 mg per kg of the acetate fraction of the herb is taken for few weeks.

Natural treatment for low eye vision contains various other miraculous herbs to help to get rid of the factors responsible for inducing change in vision in aging people, irrespective of age and eye condition, to provide long term treatment against eye diseases.

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